The Ellen Show creates racial dispute during Fiesta Bowl giveaway at University of Oregon.

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Over 300 students gathered at EMU amphitheater dressed “ready for a fiesta” after tweets posted by Ellen DeGeneres instructed students to come for a chance to win tickets to the Fiesta Bowl during a live taping at University of Oregon campus.

DeGeneres tweets created a racial dispute after student arrived dressed in sombreros and panchos, which a group of students found to be offensive and mocking Mexican culture.

“It’s offensive. You wouldn’t dress up as a white person and come to something this.” Cory Kirshner-Lira stated.

Vice President of the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity Dr. Charles Martinez and Dean of Students Dr. Paul Shang talked with students during the event to help resolve the conflict. Shang said that the University plans to release a formal statement addressing this matter in the Oregon Daily Emerald on Monday.

Students were initially upset from the apparent lack of empathy in regards to the legislation and prejudice that many still face in Arizona. The group wanted the University of Oregon student population to have been more supportive and understanding, rather than putting on over-sized mustaches.

Another crowd observer had a different stance on the matter, “this is just for fun. People dress up as cowboys and that is a reflection of ‘white’ culture.”

My reaction to this matter.

Originally, I felt that the crowd of people were being overly dramatic for yelling and causing attention over the word “Mexican.” I held the initial belief that people put their own insecurities behind certain words, rather than just taking something for what it is. However, I realized that I was making this assumption without listening to all parties involved. I decided to go and ask the group questions and gain a better understanding rather than instigate the issue any further. After talking with the group, I realize that clearly they are passionate about their culture and want others to share the same respect. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I was grateful for the group’s presence for the mere fact that someone was there and speaking out for those who couldn’t.

However, I do believe that overall people need to be more understanding. And from all sides.

DeGeneres and the crowd participants could have been more cautious with using the word “fiesta” and how it may reflect upon that related culture. The group of students could have also been more light-hearted and understood that the event was not intended to be used as a racist rally, but rather something fun in promotion for an upcoming sporting event. In some situations a word is just a word, and it’s our insecurities that bring negative connotations and continue the spread of racism. Realistically speaking, it is impossible to be politically correct. No matter what word anyone chooses to use, it is going to offend somebody. But at the same time, national television networks should really spend more time taking these types of matters into consideration. You can’t ignore it, these issues exist. And it does look very poorly on DeGeneres part for not being as empathetic to this as she has been in the past over adopting another families pet.

Let’s think about this one, Ellen.

I am not saying that anyone is wrong in this matter, I just feel that not enough sensitivity and understanding was being communicated and demonstrated on campus yesterday.


My Review of the Verizon Wireless Droid Eris

After coming home from Vegas during spring break, I was forced to buy a new phone. I went to the nearest Verizon Wireless store with purchasing a new Blackberry in mind. However, once entering the store, the saleswoman heavy pushed that I consider buying a Droid Eris.

After listening to the woman’s testimonials and playing with the display phone, I was sold. I took the phone home and was amazed at the phone’s multiple home screens and the thousands of applications available to use. As an individual who is addicted to social media and music, this phone was perfect for just that. The Droid Eris comes prepared to satisfy all of your Twitter and Facebook needs by having such applications preinstalled. The camera on the phone is fantastic and produces great quality pictures that are easy to upload to your Facebook account.

I had been very happy with my Droid until the alarm clock stopped working. As a college student, I am far too poor to invest in an actual alarm clock, and rely on my phone to wake me up in the morning (just like every other student). Instead of producing any sort of noise, like how it used to, the alarm only vibrates. As a result, I stopped waking up on the time originally desired. Also, the touch screen fails to recognize when I tap on it. I can’t even count how many times the phone has frozen and stopped working. My Blackberry Pearl never acted up that often.

I thought that mine was the only one which had done that, until a friend approached me after seeing we had the same phone. He immediately asked me if my alarm clock still worked, which of course it does not. He informed me how he had the exact same problem as I, and that everyone else he knew that had the phone were experiencing it as well.

Since I am following HTC on Twitter, and in their bio it states that if you have a question to direct it there, I asked them the following: “@htc I love my Droid; however, the alarm stopped making noise and only vibrates. Others with this phone have the same problem. What’s up?” I noticed that HTC had been responding back to its customers questions via Twitter, so I was expecting a response.

A couple days had passed and I still had not received any response from HTC. I directed another tweet at them saying: “@htc Nothing? Maybe I’ll switch back to my Blackberry then.” I felt this response was appropriate since HTC clearly ignored my question and was communicating with other followers on Twitter.

I personally believe that this application is vital to have working on any cell phone. iPhones and Blackberrys have always been incredibly dependable in regards to its alarm clocks. I find it absolutely appalling that HTC ignores such questions and does little to assure its customers that their questions and concerns are heard. How are consumers supposed to feel as if this is a worthy investment if basic applications fail?

The bottom line: if you are looking for a phone to take pictures, listen to music, and stay up-to-date with social media this is a great phone. However, if you are looking for a phone to fulfill all aspects of your life, this is not for you. I highly recommend that you stick to all other smartphones, since other companies clearly value its customer’s comments and critiques. I definitely am going back to Verizon wireless, returning this phone, and exchanging for a Blackberry Smartphone.

Make good use of your money and time. Don’t bother with HTC.