The Cover Letter I Actually Want to Submit

Hello Potential Employer,


At this point and time in my life, please understand that I am feeling exhausted, beaten down, and slightly depressed at the fact I must go through this job seeking process once again. Though I am a positive and upbeat person in my everyday life, this is a touchy subject for me. More than anything do I want to be employed at a place that gives me the opportunity to do what I am best at, pays and treats me wells, and guarantees me long term employment. However, this is so hard to find!


As you pick up my resume and look at it, you will notice that in fact I HAVE NOT worked at an advertising agency like Wieden + Kennedy. I did not spend a couple years there and then bounce around to various other creative agencies. No, I do not have the “agency experience” directly. However, isn’t that a good thing?!


I am someone who has gone against the grain. I have found opportunities to communicate and influence communities without having to use a big company name for any sort of validation. I have built all of this ON MY OWN! Does this not prove how hard of a worker I am? Does this not prove that even though I’ve been rejected and turned down so many times, that none of that will stop me!? Doesn’t this also prove that if you gave me a chance and invested that opportunity into me, I would stay and constantly work hard for you?


It’s just amazing to me that my friends and coworkers all see how much of a hardworking and successful person I strive to be, yet I never seem to be good enough for a job. I need to have these skills, know more about this and that, I should of worked here and there… the list never ends! How come you can’t recognize the potential from my past experience and offer someone like me a shot? You’re aware that many talented and brilliant minds do not (and may never) work at a well-known advertising agency. Just because someone has worked somewhere “big” before does not at all mean they have half the passion that someone like me does.


Just give me a chance. Meet me in person! I love talking to and meeting new people. But please ask me good questions too. We all know that it is impossible to get along with everyone, but when in a work environment I know how to be polite and productive. Obviously I need money, but I want to work here to satisfy a piece of soul that is tossing and turning. And of course I’m not perfect, I have flaws, but I am open to feedback so that I can learn and change for the better!


I feel I could go on and on, but I sadly must return to applying to jobs that I will be instantly rejected from. If you feel up for doing something different, please let me know! I am more than ready to go!


Thank you,



Transformation day 2 review.

In order to transform myself physically, I have to make a change in regards to my diet. However, this has to be done through a more narrowed focus in regards to eating, exercise, drinking, coffee, water and sugar.

Jerb told me basically that I need to stay to a strict diet and allow myself ONE DAY to cheat.

A couple things to consider for a diet change:

    1) Green tea is great to drink in regards to “tricking” your mind. Tea is a good substitute for anything sugary.
    2) Dark chocolate is really good for you. Eat 1/4 of a bar everyday!
    3) Red wine is also a great relaxer after a stressful day. Not to mention that having a glass once a day won’t kill you.
    5) Consume vitamin D however you have to. This meaning that Oregonians need to invest in some supplements or something.
    6) Learn to love seasonings such as red peppers and chilis. Spicy foods can help speed up your metabolism.
    7) ALWAYS DRINK WATER! Whether it be tea, coffee, or just plain old water; drink it.
    8) Eat lots of beans, chicken, beef and eggs.

    So for dinner I kept it pretty low key. Just ate beans and cheese.

    Not to mention I’m on like my fourth one of these. You can’t tell, but that’s green tea. (Real tea leaves at the bottom)

    I even met with my team and did some good campaign planning. (If ya’ll know of some good resources to check out in regards towards low income “minority” families, holler.)

    And now I’m off to an Allen Hall Public Relations meeting, followed by homework then an hour at the gym.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for more! Have a great night ya’ll.

Help me help you. Gimmedat client.

UPDATE: Client found! Check out this amazing non-profit, Stove Team International. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!



For my Strategic Public Relations Communications course I need to have a “client” to use for the remainder of the term.

A client can be anyone/anything that you are working on or are aware of that could use a little help and research.

This “client” will be used to:

    Create a social media strategy
    Create a stakeholders piece
    Create a internal communications plan
    Formulate an exclusive final presentation.

More details will be released later the final project.

This is FREE public relations work just handed to you. You have absolutely nothing to lose. If you don’t like what I’ve done, you don’t have to use it. But because of your suggestion, you will be aiding towards the enrichment of my educational experience.

So come on… help a student out. Suggest a client to me!

Please send suggestions to, or post in the comment section below. Thank you.