The top five music videos that feature people killing other people.



All of the blood, terror, gore… it’s beautiful.


As an avid horror movie fan, I appreciate a good kill scene. That’s why I’ve done some research to pull up some of the most modern music videos that feature people killing other people in it. These selections were  made based off of the artist direction used and the story behind it, just like any good horror film review.

Please keep in mind that none of these videos may be suitable for viewing while at work.


5) King Fantastic — On Q

King Fantastic is a rap duo that is well-known for pushing the limits. The lyrics to their songs mirror the music videos in providing a raw, shocking, yet sensual appeal to gangster rap. In the music video for “On Q,” King Fantastic toys along with the idea of a bunch of nearly naked ladies playing one of the most interesting games of Russian Roulette. Though some of the deaths are suicides, you can see in the music video how sexy murder can be sometimes.


4) Ty Dolla $ign — Paranoid ft. B.o.B.

From my understanding, Ty Dolla $ign has newly hit the music scene and made sure to make a great impression by creating the music video for his song “Paranoid.” Playing off on a Paranormal Activity III sort of feel, this video features half-naked women who have clearly just finished murdering both Ty and B.o.B. This video does an excellent job of adding an element of fright to this sexy video, while still leaving something left to the imagination. My only complaint is that the party where the girl holds and drops B.o.B.’s head a thousand times is a bit over done. The director should of given the model more direction. Regardless, I love this song and video.


3) King Fantastic — Lost Art of Killing

Making a duplicate appearance on this list, King Fantastic once again proves to be men of their name with the music video for “Lost Art of Killing.” As the song states, this video adds art and a retro sophistication to death. The best part about this video is that it is created to be a short horror film about a family that kills in order to eat and survive. Enjoy.


4) Dada Life — Unleash the Fucking Dada

The complicated story line, the suspense, the implied violence: it’s so well done. This music video is near perfection. You will find yourself watching this video over and over, as it is memorizing watch as it is haunting. You think this girl is innocent and sweet. You think the couple’s interaction is harmless, and then it all happens. This will forever be one of my favorites.


5) HEALTH — We are Water

Though this video features a beyond epic killing scene, the story that builds to it is absolutely gorgeous. This video depicts someone who is representing an innocent child run away from an implied abuser. She finds herself in a situation where it seems she has met her doom, yet turns it around quickly. After the deed, she rips off the blonde wig that symbolizes her innocence to reveal her shorter, darker colored hair. This represents that she has undergone a transformation and is no longer who she once was. By touching on dark subjects like sexual abuse and using it in a something like a short horror film, it creates something that is just breathtaking. Aside from that, this video was created by Eric Wareheim, who is mostly known for his insane works on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! It goes without saying this will probably be my favorite music video of all time.


Is there another awesome music video featuring people killing other people that I missed? Let me know in the comment section below!


***** UPDATE as of 4/23/2014*****

Beyond Honorable Mention


The Shoes – Time to Dance

For reasons unknown, I SOMEHOW forgot about this master piece featuring Jake Gyllenhaal as a morbid killing machine. To be perfectly honest, I can’t think of a better music video for a song like this. Please watch this.