Happy birthday, Taco Bell. I love you.


I don’t know what my life would be like without you. Thank you for everything you have done.


Birthday’s suck.


Recently, it was my birthday. Despite how attached I had become to being 25, I had to make the tragic leap towards getting THAT much closer to 30. In attempts to ring it in on a positive note, I tried to organize some events to ensure a good time. However, this year proved to be the same as every year in the assumption that having a birthday in general just really sucks.

  1. They are too stressful to plan. Whether it’s a dinner, a party, or a bar gathering, it still takes a significant amount of time to plan out. Invitations have to be made and sent out. If you forget to invite someone, you’re all of a sudden a terrible person who is malicious. Sometimes the reservation is wrong, dropped, or messed up severely in one way or another. People get lost and blow your phone up all evening trying to find you. Bottom line, you are not allowed to enjoy your evening; stress will always prevail!
  2. Someone else has to make it about them. Sometimes it’s a bar fight, or someone just got dumped  two minutes before your party, or maybe someone is angry at the world. Regardless, there is always that one person (sometimes more) who wants to redirect the attention on to them. Even if it’s negative, they thrive on being in the spotlight. Simply put, there are enough pitiful souls out there who are unable to grasp that everyone deserves a time to feel special and will find a way to ruin your birthday.
  3. You put too much importance on this day. Expectations have been set, and they were not met. This results in you getting understandably upset. But maybe the expectations were set to high. Maybe it’s best assume that NOTHING special will happen on that day. Yes, today is day that you were born. Clearly this is a significant moment in history, but just keep in mind that not everyone cares as much as you do.
  4. The people you truly want to spend it with can’t make it. It is heartbreaking when the ones you care about the most are not near you. Even if long distance family and friends send their thoughts to you, you can’t help but feel a little lonely.
  5. Something else “just came up.” It could be an act of terrorism, a natural disaster, or some other bitch throwing a party the same day as you. No matter what it is, when something else comes up it is beyond annoying. What’s wrong with everyone coming to your event and not having to choose between various functions? Don’t people know that this should be the only thing happening today? Jeeze.
  6. You’re becoming old as hell. You are now another year older, and it shows. Cheers to aging!

Even though some things mentioned above happened on my birthday, in all seriousness I still had a good one. To all the people who came out and celebrated with me, thank you. To all the people who went of their way to make sure I had a great time, thank you. To the people who gave me wonderful gifts, thank you so much. And to the people who tried to one up me on my birthday, thanks for being more of a diva. I appreciate all of it.  🙂