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Ring ring.


Part of a conversation I had last night.

“Yes, I had dinner with ********.”
“Oh my God. Any idiot knows that is a business deal.”
“I had to have dinner with him. I had to entertain him.”
“Why would you have to have dinner with him? Why was it your responsibility to entertain them?”
“Well, they were there! I can have dinner with whoever I want.”
“How did you meet?”
“At a conference.”
“What was the conference for?”
“It was just a conference. We had invited them to come and present for an hour to see what ******** had to offer.”
“And then you took him out for dinner after.”
“Yes, we had dinner. We talked about the future of technology and how ****** is their toughest competition and they need to do something to give it a new edge.”
“You totally stole my idea. You told him about it.”
“No, I would never. Do you have a Bible? I swear on a Bible that I would never take anything away from you. I don’t know who keeps putting these ideas in your head.”
“*****, I’m being smart. I putting together pieces of your story and putting it in with the timeline. It fits all too well.”
“I know you’re smart. That’s why I’m talking to you.”

RIP Floppy Disk

Mashable announced today that Sony will stop the production of floppy disks as of March 2011.

A spokesperson for Sony stated that this is occurring “due to dwindling demand, Sony discontinued European production of 3.5-inch floppy disks in September 2009. The last European sale of a floppy disk took place in March 2010.”

When I first read this I immediately thought, what a short life span for the disk. Technology continues to progress at such a lighting fast speed that we no longer have a need for tangible objects. So mind blowing.