Dennis Crowley to press charges against 5-year-old boy for defamation.


Today during a Twitter direct message conversation with Dennis Crowley, he announced to me plans to follow through with pressing charges against kindergartener Christopher Haines after slanderous remarks were exchanged last week.

“I went there to make friends, not be called a jerk! My reputation is RUINED! Everyone thinks I’m a joke.” Crowley expressed that during a special visit to a local playground, that “for no reason” Haines had approached him, pointed his finger in Crowley’s face, called him a “jerk” and made all the other little kids laugh at him. “I’m not a jerk! Who does this kid think he is? He doesn’t know me!”

The conversation with Crowley was cut short when it became apparent he was emotionally distraught.

At 12:30 PM on Tuesday Nov. 30, I received the following direct message:
“Why did he have to be so mean? Am I really a jerk? Why doesn’t anyone like me! I hope mom brings a cookie home for me.”

Shortly followed by:
“This is matter of civil justice! My basic human rights have been violated! I will not stand for this.”

You show that kid who’s mayor of the playground.