The Chatroulette Experiment

My friend and I decided to jump on to to have compelling conversations with strangers. Thankfully, I downloaded an application for webcams off of which allows you to add images and text to video. So obviously being very mature 22-year-olds, we decided to have scrolling text that read “ass to mouth?” on the top of our screen for others to see.

We set the controls to auto start to see how many people would either next us, laugh, or find interest in this saying. Surprising enough most people enjoy ass to mouth, or at least the image of two girls laughing with that saying rolling past their heads.

One person really wanted it apparently.

And a group of boys talked with us for over 30 minutes because “those are really chill girls.” We overheard him yelling at his friends not to next us; however in between them throwing sex toys around and one kid mooning us, the connection was lost.

So bottom line, all forms of sex sell on Chatroulette. Even ass to mouth.