The top five music videos that feature people killing other people.



All of the blood, terror, gore… it’s beautiful.


As an avid horror movie fan, I appreciate a good kill scene. That’s why I’ve done some research to pull up some of the most modern music videos that feature people killing other people in it. These selections were  made based off of the artist direction used and the story behind it, just like any good horror film review.

Please keep in mind that none of these videos may be suitable for viewing while at work.


5) King Fantastic — On Q

King Fantastic is a rap duo that is well-known for pushing the limits. The lyrics to their songs mirror the music videos in providing a raw, shocking, yet sensual appeal to gangster rap. In the music video for “On Q,” King Fantastic toys along with the idea of a bunch of nearly naked ladies playing one of the most interesting games of Russian Roulette. Though some of the deaths are suicides, you can see in the music video how sexy murder can be sometimes.


4) Ty Dolla $ign — Paranoid ft. B.o.B.

From my understanding, Ty Dolla $ign has newly hit the music scene and made sure to make a great impression by creating the music video for his song “Paranoid.” Playing off on a Paranormal Activity III sort of feel, this video features half-naked women who have clearly just finished murdering both Ty and B.o.B. This video does an excellent job of adding an element of fright to this sexy video, while still leaving something left to the imagination. My only complaint is that the party where the girl holds and drops B.o.B.’s head a thousand times is a bit over done. The director should of given the model more direction. Regardless, I love this song and video.


3) King Fantastic — Lost Art of Killing

Making a duplicate appearance on this list, King Fantastic once again proves to be men of their name with the music video for “Lost Art of Killing.” As the song states, this video adds art and a retro sophistication to death. The best part about this video is that it is created to be a short horror film about a family that kills in order to eat and survive. Enjoy.


4) Dada Life — Unleash the Fucking Dada

The complicated story line, the suspense, the implied violence: it’s so well done. This music video is near perfection. You will find yourself watching this video over and over, as it is memorizing watch as it is haunting. You think this girl is innocent and sweet. You think the couple’s interaction is harmless, and then it all happens. This will forever be one of my favorites.


5) HEALTH — We are Water

Though this video features a beyond epic killing scene, the story that builds to it is absolutely gorgeous. This video depicts someone who is representing an innocent child run away from an implied abuser. She finds herself in a situation where it seems she has met her doom, yet turns it around quickly. After the deed, she rips off the blonde wig that symbolizes her innocence to reveal her shorter, darker colored hair. This represents that she has undergone a transformation and is no longer who she once was. By touching on dark subjects like sexual abuse and using it in a something like a short horror film, it creates something that is just breathtaking. Aside from that, this video was created by Eric Wareheim, who is mostly known for his insane works on the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! It goes without saying this will probably be my favorite music video of all time.


Is there another awesome music video featuring people killing other people that I missed? Let me know in the comment section below!


***** UPDATE as of 4/23/2014*****

Beyond Honorable Mention


The Shoes – Time to Dance

For reasons unknown, I SOMEHOW forgot about this master piece featuring Jake Gyllenhaal as a morbid killing machine. To be perfectly honest, I can’t think of a better music video for a song like this. Please watch this.


My failed business ventures and the lessons I’ve learned.


Success: it’s hard to come by. Being an accomplished entrepreneur is something that I have attempted to achieve for nearly my entire existence. The business ventures I looked into beginning have all varied, and failed. Though some of these have been more difficult to move past than others, I have still gained valuable life lessons. I wanted to share with you my failures, why they failed, and what I had gained in return.

1) “Poo Poo Coffee” — Age 4-5

As many children enjoy doing, I wanted to run my own beverage stand. Instead of going the typical lemonade and coffee route, I wanted to do something “revolutionary” and introduce the public to a new refreshing drink. Thus, came the birth of Poo Poo Coffee.

What it was.

Unlike most cold, carbonated sodas, Poo Poo coffee was created by shaking a Diet Coke can, dumping it into a cup in which it sat there for a few hours and occasionally adding some water or other beverages to it. The idea of this came to me from being a curious child who enjoy making disgusting concoctions. Before setting up a stand, I forced my family to try it. Though they apparently looked like they were going to throw up, all I was told was that it “tasted good.”

Why it failed.

Poo Poo Coffee tasted just like what it’s called, absolute shit. Not to mention, this was not an original product. I did not create the formula, but rather destroyed a perfectly fine tasting one instead. Also when the “business” was up and running, I failed to take into consideration how necessary things such as cups are. I had only one massive glass that I assumed was good for everyone to drink out of. Surprisingly, I only had one customer who I did pull from the streets. The (obviously) confused woman paid me 25 cents, drank from the cup, and went along her way. Needless to say, Poo Poo Coffee did not stay open after that.

What I learned.

Poo Poo Coffee is disgusting and no one wants it.

2) “Summer Camp for Kids Younger Than Me” — Age 8

During a summer spent at my father’s house, I came up with the idea to open a summer camp for kids who were younger than me. I honestly believed that I was not only responsible enough, but would have been able to provided all the needed services to keep a group of small children occupied and entertained.

What it was.

Honestly, I had just dragged a table out in the front yard, had a few pieces of paper, and my younger brother playing next to me to start the “registration process.” The idea was to have parents leave their children with me, I would read to the kids and provide other educational services, take the children on walks to the playground nearby, and share my toys with them. After informing my dad of what I wanted to do, he sarcastically approved of me making handwritten signs with his address and phone number to be posted all over the neighborhood (which I in fact did).

Why it failed.

I was an eight year old child, not an adult. I’m also fairly certain that it would have been very illegal for me to have even tried doing something like this. Not to mention, I definitely was not responsible enough to feed, care, or even try to “teach” children younger than me.

What I learned.

Children shouldn’t open up summer camps, but rather attend them instead. Handwritten signs lose almost all validity, and it’s probably not a good idea to put my dad’s address and phone number up everywhere.

3) “University of Oregon House Party” — Age 21-22

After “becoming of age,” I found myself more drawn to house music and wanted to go dancing constantly. I also discovered the amazing power of social media websites such as Twitter, and used it to talk to some of my favorite musicians. With the guidance of a mentor, I felt inspired to create a “house party” at the Univeristy of Oregon.

What it was.

The idea was to have a massive dance party in one of the biggest lawns on campus. With the help and support of some non-profits, internationally recognized performers were going to be flown out for a show that was going to be free for the general public. Some local performers were going to open, and booths were to be surrounding the venue for people to shop and eat at. It was going to happen at night on a weekend towards the very end of the year so that students would have been able to attend.

Why it failed.

I was able to get everything donated to me (including the performer’s time) except for the flights. Though the “house party” was aimed to raise awareness for a good cause along with offering entertainment, not one airline cared to donate to it. Thus, it never happened.

What I learned.

This was possibly the biggest heartbreak for me. More than anything, I wanted this event to happen. I had worked and stressed so long on it, only to have it all blow up in my face. I learned how to cope with not succeeding like this. This failure also showed me that I am capable to achieving a lot in a small amount of time, regardless if it was fully executed or not. I also learned that I have the ability to pitch and sell musicians to perspective clients without ever having them listen to one song.

4) “ENTILT” — Age 23-24

After graduating from college and being continously rejected from perspective jobs, I felt inclined to try and start my very own business. “ENTILT” was crafted from an original idea of mine, and expanded with the help of a couple partners.

What it was.

The idea behind “ENTILT,” was that it was an entertainment based company that offered various services, a publication, and a clothing line. With the help of my partners, we all were able to provide a multitude of options to help with branding and expanding the growth of potential clients. My partners and I decided it was best to list our previous clients to others to help develop a strong portfolio of our work.

Why it failed.

Though we met often to discuss what we wanted to do, I felt that I was the only one putting in work behind the company. I had created a decent website, was the only one to list my past clients, and created presentations to send to potential sponsors. My partners didn’t contribute as much simply because it was a bad time for them to do so. And I suppose it was for me as well. Not to mention, we had too many ideas and didn’t create a simple enough plan to initially start off with. It would have been wise for us to have focused on only one aspect of the company, rather than three at once.

What I learned.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Do not take on too many obstacles at once. It’s also important to team up with people who are on the same page and who are ready to take on such a commitment. And I’m sure it wouldn’t have hurt to have worked somewhere else first in order to gain more experience before creating my own company.

I have faith that in some point and time in my life, I will be a successful entrepreneur. I believe that I will be able to finally craft up the perfect idea and be able to find the sponsors needed to make it flourish. Though it may take some time, I’m greatful for everything I have experienced professionally while growing up. Sometimes failure is necessary so that we can learn how to avoid it in the future. With that in mind, stay tuned as I’m sure I’ll have another “brillant” start-up idea here soon.