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I can relate.



Black lipstick creates buzz in Portland, Ore.

Lipstick; I love it.


The variety of colors, the options, the endless possibility that lie within such a small tube make me so happy. Though I typically am a go-to fan of pinks and reds, I have been seeking new colors for a while.

A couple months ago while enjoying the ambiance of the Fireside in Northwest Portland, a waitress caught my attention with her astounding black lipstick. Immediately, I asked about it to learn a little something about Portland Black Lipstick Company. Locally made in a garage with natural ingredients, Portland Black Lipstick offers very affordable ($10-12) and AMAZING colors to choose from. After doing some research, I learned that Blush Beauty Bar sells these amazing lipsticks. However, due to the popularity, these things sell out very fast and I had to be placed on a waiting list in order to purchase some colors.


On Sunday March 23rd at around 3 PM, I had received a phone call that MY BLACK LIPSTICK HAD ARRIVED! With much excitement, I got myself together and into Blush Beauty Bar. With the help of my SUPER COOL friend Patty, I tried on a few colors and immediately decided that the black was a necessary purchase.  I really liked the other colors, but had a hard time committing right then and there. Before leaving the store, I put the black lipstick on and decided to grace the streets of Portland with my [gothic appearing] presence. Without thinking about it before, I unknowingly created a LOT of buzz about wearing such a bold color.

My friend who was with me gave me his approval of this new lipstick before we ventured off. He checked with both his sunglasses on and off to make sure that this didn’t look “bad” or “too weird.” After taking a selfie, I had to agree that yes it may be different, but it wasn’t a terrible look at all. He did recommend that I stick to wearing this color out at night with dark eyeshadow, rather than with a more plan face during a sunny Sunday afternoon.

As I stepped onto NW 23rd towards Glisan in my all black outfit with matching lips, I immediately caught the attention of nearly everyone on the crowded sidewalks. Some people looked at me out of non-judgmental curiosity, others looked as though they didn’t know what to think about the color, while all of the packed tables outside of McMenamins Blue Moon Tavern laughed and pointed at me. Though this annoyed my friend who wanted to slap everyone (which I’m thankful that he would of stood up for me like that), I was incredibly amused at all the buzz my lipstick was creating.


As if I care that people laugh because I look different.




Without fail, this new lipstick made heads turn all over Portland. The closer I got towards Downtown, the less people stared.  I did receive more verbal compliments from people in that area than the sneers from Knob Hill. I am very certain that Southeast, Northeast, and North Portland would take kindly to this color of lipstick as well.




Portland Black Lipstick Company is increasing its customer base in a shocking amount of time and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more people out wearing darker lip colors as part of an everyday look. For all I know, this could be the new trend to stay on top of. At least, I’m going to keep wearing my black lipstick; I love it!

I think that this blue will be my next purchase. The only reason why I look so upset in this picture is because I didn’t buy it yesterday, I totally should have.



What do you think? What are your thoughts on black/colored lipstick? Please share!

I actually did everything I wanted to this weekend, and it was great!

Friday afternoon I had the following agenda lined up:

  • Clean the apartment
  • Lay in bed all day
  • Get a [slightly used, but wonderful] iPhone
  • Play outside

And some how, I managed to accomplish each and every single one!


Cleaning the apartment came easier than expected. After seeing a couple Swiffer commercials, I decided that I NEEDED to buy one. Ten minutes later, I owned one and I could NOT WAIT to mop my floors. However, I was beyond surprised to realize that you apparently need batteries. Once that ordeal was dealt with, my floors were clean and made my whole apartment smell a lot better.


Shortly after cleaning, I made a dash to Southeast Portland and had just an “interesting” evening. It all started at Church, where we invaded the [at the time] broken photo booth. It was pretty fun and allowed for some questionable photos. After that, we continued to bar hop the SE area before finishing off (somehow) in Northwest Portland.

church1 church2

The next day, I “accidentally” missed my cycling class and was forced to stay in bed watching terrible TV until it was about 3 PM. Then, it was time to get ready. At precisely 6 PM, a friend called me about meeting up somewhere so that I could purchase their old iPhone 4 that was in perfect condition. Within seconds of receiving that call, I ran to meet him and instantly activated the phone. To say the least, I am very happy to finally have a decent working [smart]phone and am excited to be a part of the iPhone community. Of course, I have already taken a substantial amount of pictures of myself to shameless share with everyone. A perfect example of this can be seen below.




Sunday was absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to be outside all day. Thankfully, my friend Tyler felt the same way. He walked over to my apartment, we left to take care of a couple shopping errands, then ate outside at McMenamins Blue Moon Tavern. After a couple hours off good beers and listening in on the weird girls behind us, we set off for a walk around town. As we were making our way back towards Downtown, I discovered what could quite possibly be my new favorite place. Though some squatter was rambling about stupid stuff outside of it’s closed doors, the Angry Pigeon Gallery offered a lot of promise and I can’t wait to see what’s inside.


The sun was starting to set and Tyler had a great idea; we headed to Council Crest Park. This was a perfect way to end the day. The view was gorgeous, and that echo-ey thing was pretty neat too. But then it started to get a little too cold, and we thought to counteract that by going out for ice cream and milkshakes before heading home to watch the Walking Dead.


To say the least, I had a wonderful weekend. I’m very excited to see what next weekend has in store!