Transformation day 3 + 4 review.

Sorry, been a little delayed in writing this post.

I must say that I am very proud of myself, I have been sticking to the diet quite well. I drinking NOTHING but green tea, coffee with cinnamon and chocolate, and hot chocolate. I’ve been watching my diet and making sure to only eat what I was told to.

Lately I’ve been eating strickly chicken, beans, steak, beef, cheese, and oatmeal based foods.

In regards to working out, African dance is doing it to me good. This class is so much fun, plus I’m already sweating after the warm up. And on days when I’m not doing that, I’m in the gym running or something. However, it’s been hard to get a decent amount of time in. Everyone is at the gym for those resolutions; however, the statistics show that nearly all of them will be gone by the end of next week. So, I’ll just do what I can until then.

Tonight my roommate and I went to Carl’s Jr. for dinner. Even though I know it’s not the healthiest, I still tried to be. I ended up ordering the Low Carb burger and I am not complaining.

My roommate however…

And on a different note, I need a new vacuum. I could use one of these since the one I have now is clearly proving to not do anything. I was just dragging my knuckles across the carpet (as usual) and collected this. [HEADS UP, REAL GROSS.]

And all of that came JUST from my roommate’s bedroom, LOL.


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