Transformation day 2 review.

In order to transform myself physically, I have to make a change in regards to my diet. However, this has to be done through a more narrowed focus in regards to eating, exercise, drinking, coffee, water and sugar.

Jerb told me basically that I need to stay to a strict diet and allow myself ONE DAY to cheat.

A couple things to consider for a diet change:

    1) Green tea is great to drink in regards to “tricking” your mind. Tea is a good substitute for anything sugary.
    2) Dark chocolate is really good for you. Eat 1/4 of a bar everyday!
    3) Red wine is also a great relaxer after a stressful day. Not to mention that having a glass once a day won’t kill you.
    5) Consume vitamin D however you have to. This meaning that Oregonians need to invest in some supplements or something.
    6) Learn to love seasonings such as red peppers and chilis. Spicy foods can help speed up your metabolism.
    7) ALWAYS DRINK WATER! Whether it be tea, coffee, or just plain old water; drink it.
    8) Eat lots of beans, chicken, beef and eggs.

    So for dinner I kept it pretty low key. Just ate beans and cheese.

    Not to mention I’m on like my fourth one of these. You can’t tell, but that’s green tea. (Real tea leaves at the bottom)

    I even met with my team and did some good campaign planning. (If ya’ll know of some good resources to check out in regards towards low income “minority” families, holler.)

    And now I’m off to an Allen Hall Public Relations meeting, followed by homework then an hour at the gym.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for more! Have a great night ya’ll.


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