Transformation day 1 review.

So thanks to my friend, I’m working towards making a better me!

My resolution this year is to have a better outlook on life. This will be achieved by making changes in my professionalism, approach towards school, and my overall physical well-being. With all this being said, Jerb is a leading force behind the SHORT LAUREN PROJECT.


    1)By the end of the term (10 weeks) lose at least 20 pounds / Look better overall.
    2)Drastically improve my diet to be much healthier.
    3)Research more on how to become a well-rounded public relations professional.
    4)Work and study more to get a B average in all my classes.

Not going to lie, this will be hard for me. However, to ensure success I must organize my life. By that I mean, I need to start using that planner a LOT more.

So far on my journey I have been doing good. Yesterday I did some African dance, and THAT right there is an epic workout. Then I had steak, marinara, green and red peppers, mushrooms and potatoes for dinner. Healthy and really good! It may look a little gross on here, but I swear it tasted amazing.

And in regards to my liquid consumption, I am left only to what you see here. (No, I’m not drinking yogurt. The container was just sitting there.)

    1)Green tea leaves. (Directly from CHINA!)
    2)Cafe Mam coffee. (So good.)
    3)Organic/homemade hot chocolate from Claire Teasdale.

I’ll make sure to post TONIGHT what I did today.


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