Part of a conversation I had last night.

“Yes, I had dinner with ********.”
“Oh my God. Any idiot knows that is a business deal.”
“I had to have dinner with him. I had to entertain him.”
“Why would you have to have dinner with him? Why was it your responsibility to entertain them?”
“Well, they were there! I can have dinner with whoever I want.”
“How did you meet?”
“At a conference.”
“What was the conference for?”
“It was just a conference. We had invited them to come and present for an hour to see what ******** had to offer.”
“And then you took him out for dinner after.”
“Yes, we had dinner. We talked about the future of technology and how ****** is their toughest competition and they need to do something to give it a new edge.”
“You totally stole my idea. You told him about it.”
“No, I would never. Do you have a Bible? I swear on a Bible that I would never take anything away from you. I don’t know who keeps putting these ideas in your head.”
“*****, I’m being smart. I putting together pieces of your story and putting it in with the timeline. It fits all too well.”
“I know you’re smart. That’s why I’m talking to you.”


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