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  1. As a Chinese American child of immigrants, I find your stance highly offensive. Stubbornly putting up a fight over the order of your name on the basis that it’s the cultural norm in another country is childish at best, and disrespectful of the many Chinese immigrants who actually lived in a society with a different name ordering convention yet had the civility and decency to comply with the standards of an adopted country when they came to the states.

  2. Thank you for your input and feedback.

    I do agree with you, I did take a childish stance on this matter. Clearly my messages could have been formed in a more constructive manner. In the future I will keep this in mind.

    In regards to Chinese culture, I have nothing but the upmost respect for it. I believe it has the most interesting history and America should implement more of China’s culture into society. I am sorry if my comments and messages offended you and anyone else. I am being misunderstood at this point because of my previous choice of words.

    But in regards to my name, I am who I am. Simply put. Yes I’m being stubborn, but I would hope more people would have the same attitude. Short Lauren is something that a lot of my close friends call me and honestly is the name that I feel I identify with. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to introduce myself to a new community with that identity.

    I think in the future, Quora and other networks should take name identification into consideration. You wouldn’t ask Demi Moore to register as Demi Kutcher, would you?

    Short Lauren is my public persona.

    Again, thank you for your feedback. I hope you can understand where I am coming from and know that me offending you was not my intention. I’m sorry.

    • This is a little late, but hopefully you see this comment. And I most likely won’t reply back, but I think you should just see what I have to say.

      Short Lauren,
      I completely agree with you. Your reasoning is very vaild and Quora should have given you the freedom to keep your name the same and not have blocked you.

      As of 2015, if Quora is still the same in regards to this name thing.. that is just ridaculous.
      Here’s what is wrong:
      – Quora cannot just target anyone because they have what an uncommon name
      what about people who legally change their names to odd things? … Like hashtag

      – Quora, you are telling me you aren’t going to let celebs use their stage names?
      The name that so many people know them by. Basically how they are identified.

      – Hello Quora?? You want people to use their real names to create trust and whatever else? Then why do you like everyone edit and post anonymously? Little contradictive? And if you really wanted to enforce people to use their real names and identities, why are you not requiring people to sign up via facebook or something? .. Instead you are targeting people based off their name? Sounds like a load of bs to me.

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