Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World)

This video is perfect.
-Tons of color
-Red hair
-Visual orgasm


Taylor “Ugly” Swift

Just thinking about all the possible noises that could be coming out of her mouth during the time this picture was taken brings me to tears. I’m sorry but this is super ugly, VEVO. Taylor Swift doesn’t deserve that!

Amanda Lepore feat. Cazwell — Marilyn

This video is definitely breaking societal norms and creating beautifully executed hot messes. What I mean by that is just about everything in this video is something taboo or shocking. Not to mention, this is a great take on Marilyn Monroe. I don’t think anyone else has balls (or lack there of now) as big as Amanda Lepore’s. Mark my words, drag is going to take over. It’s too sexy and disturbing not to.

RIP Floppy Disk

Mashable announced today that Sony will stop the production of floppy disks as of March 2011.

A spokesperson for Sony stated that this is occurring “due to dwindling demand, Sony discontinued European production of 3.5-inch floppy disks in September 2009. The last European sale of a floppy disk took place in March 2010.”

When I first read this I immediately thought, what a short life span for the disk. Technology continues to progress at such a lighting fast speed that we no longer have a need for tangible objects. So mind blowing.

Help me help you. Gimmedat client.

UPDATE: Client found! Check out this amazing non-profit, Stove Team International. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!



For my Strategic Public Relations Communications course I need to have a “client” to use for the remainder of the term.

A client can be anyone/anything that you are working on or are aware of that could use a little help and research.

This “client” will be used to:

    Create a social media strategy
    Create a stakeholders piece
    Create a internal communications plan
    Formulate an exclusive final presentation.

More details will be released later the final project.

This is FREE public relations work just handed to you. You have absolutely nothing to lose. If you don’t like what I’ve done, you don’t have to use it. But because of your suggestion, you will be aiding towards the enrichment of my educational experience.

So come on… help a student out. Suggest a client to me!

Please send suggestions to lshort@uoregon.edu, or post in the comment section below. Thank you.