Just Jack – Writers Block

Gives you a funky feeling.


Why I love Eugene: #1

Nowhere else but in Eugene would it be acceptable for 22-year-olds to walk around with their faces painted; in fact, it’s welcomed. The real people of Eugene are very in touch with their artistic side and choose to parade it around. And who doesn’t love having their faces painted?

Today Anica brought over some paints and used our faces as her canvas. She made an awesome flower design on me. I love being in touch with inner child and do things like this.

Face painting is totally a summer fashion accessory. Don’t be surprised if I paint my face every day from now own. 😉


My passion for writing has definitely faded from what it used to be. I feel as if a part of me died and I haven’t been able to revive it. Writing used to be such a huge part of me. It was easier to convey my emotions and thoughts on paper, or on a computer screen; but lately I feel as if I can only bring myself to write for work, or when the feeling overpowers me.

After some deep thinking I realized that this may have occurred when I traveled to China in high school. While overseas, I kept a journal about my travels. For every single day I wrote down each detail of what I had done and included ticket stubs and such with the entry. I was so proud of it and couldn’t wait to bring it home for others to read. However, after my group and I had stayed on a sleeper train, I forgot to grab the journal from the cubby by my bed. Thus, I had left a book filled with priceless memories to be disposed of as if it was nothing.

You wouldn’t think it, but it’s really heartbreaking to have something like that happen. As a result, I have a hard time remembering everything about China. I feel cheated as if my writings could easily be taken away from me like that. My passion for writing had died.

It’s going to be hard, but I’m going to do my best to resurrect my desire to write. I know it lies somewhere in me, I just have to resuscitate it. So in order to do this, I will force myself to write a blog post daily. God only know what it will be about, which should be entertaining right?

It is possible to bring something back from the grave. I’m going to prove it.

Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler

Music videos continue to push society’s standards of normal to the absolute extreme. This video does an excellent job of doing so. It definitely falls under the category of “car crash,” it’s so horrible to look at but you just can’t stop yourself from staring.

If you take a deeper look into the video, it does an excellent job of summarizing America’s societal evolution. The video shows beautiful girls doing what they feel is necessary to be accepted into Hollywood culture. The visualization of binge eating is definitely disturbing; however, it is done in a fashion that executes the message quite well. It definitely carries much more meaning behind it than just being something “gross.”

Watch this music video, but be wary. It could make you a little sick.