My No-brainer-common-sense-really-you-need-this? Guide to Summer Swimsuits

Every year around this time, nearly all magazines contain some sort of feature about what swimsuits work best with your body type. These very articles provide no new information whatsoever about swimwear, yet people still feel that they are incapable of finding a flattering suit for their body type. Instead of going out and buying another GLAMOUR to tell you that a string bikini doesn’t look the best on you, follow my simple steps for picking out acceptable summer attire.

Rule 1 If it doesn’t fit, why are you wearing it?

It’s amazing how many people still buy apparel even though it does not fit their body type at all. If the swimsuit is cutting into you, not covering certain parts that should be, or is appearing like its going to bust while on you, you should probably look into a different swimsuit. Don’t force it.

Rule 2 Never, and I mean NEVER, wear a “tankini.”

Hands down, the most repulsive swimsuit design ever created is the “tankini.” It is a very unflattering cut for nearly all body types, plus it doesn’t make sense. Why only show that small portion of your stomach? Which leads to the next rule…

Rule 3 Consider wearing that one-piece.

This style of swimsuit looks good on just about everyone. And, it’s practical. If you decide to go actually go swimming, this suit keeps everything in place. There are so many different cuts and styles of one pieces that make this suit far from boring.

Rule 4 Look in the mirror, look at your body shape, now look for something that makes it look good.

Be a judge for yourself. By eyeballing different suit styles and how your body shape is, you can easily figure out what will look good and what won’t. Honestly, you do not need a magazine, or anyone else telling you something you should gather from looking in a mirror.

Rule 5 If that “one” store doesn’t have anything that works, just keep looking around.

Just because you can’t find a swimsuit that you love in more store, doesn’t mean that it’s not out there somewhere. Just keep looking. There are tons of stores online that offer a variety of swimwear styles that would compliment your body type.

The bottom line: swimsuits are all about style and practicality. Just use your brain when it comes to picking one out!


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