Lars Vaular – Rett Opp Og Ned (Adam Tensta Edit)

Adam Tensta just released this new track. Eugene, Ore. be ready for him to rock it in August.

Big things coming.

Adam Tensta will not be coming to Eugene. 😦


Teppei Okada plays Mario with the violin.

Apparently Mario has influenced many musicians. Here is a video of Teppei Okada playing the violin to this popular video game. Check out his YouTube page to see more videos.



This has to be the coolest thing I have ever stumbled upon. As someone who grew up playing Super Mario Brothers at any given opportunity, I have a real love for this video.

Hikakin simply describes himself as a “Japanese Beatboxer.” This kid has real talent; he successfully beatboxes many popular Super Mario tunes.

Watch this video and see it for yourself!


St. John’s Dance – The Plot (J Styles Remix)

Just showing some support for St. John’s Dance. This is a sick remix of the original. Check it out!


DJ Earworm — Heartless (Message in a Bottle)

I love mashups.


Emynd — Lil Weezy “I’m Single Remix”

DJ YoHuckleberry posted this track up on Twitter, and I’m digging it. Click the player and it’ll take you to SoundCloud where you download it.

Lil Weezy “I’m Single (Emynd Remix)” by Emynd


Loads of kittens.

It’s been a while. I love kittens so much.


OFFICIAL SUMMER JAM : DJ Earworm — Like, OMG Baby (Capital FM Summertime Ball Mashup)

DJ Earworm is known for his mashups which are complied of a year’s worth of top songs. Now he has mixed up all of the top summer jams into one musical wonder. It has a slower tempo, but it is still something you could rock out to.

Check out his other mashups here.


Obama in autotune.

Dangggg, these are some pretty catchy beats. I’ll buy Obama’s record as soon as he drops one.