How to Best Sell Your Start-Up Business Through Social Media

When trying to establish your start-up business, it is highly important to ensure that you are reaching potential consumers through all available outlets. A great way to advertise to multiple audiences is through social media. Networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and by even creating a blog on WordPress allow opportunities for you to instantly communicate new ideas, products, and events to just about everyone.

Though it may be understood that these are great tools for promoting a start-up business, many still are unaware as to how to use these forms of social media to their advantage. According to an article by Chairman and Executive Director of Inc. Business Owners Lewis Schiff, it is important to set up your social media accounts to allow full leverage for search engine traffic to maximize your business’ visibility.

Schiff provides three suggestions to help increase visibility:

    1) Use keywords and keyphrases. Make sure to clearly define certain topics, words, and ideas that you believe your potential customers may be searching online for.
    2) Construct your website with high quality HTML. The easier it is to access your business’s website, the easier it is to attract more potential customers.
    3) Share content from other websites that you have found to be useful and beneficial for the development of your business. By passing on good information, your website can become a trusted source for advice.

Consumers favor companies that connect through social media and are more transparent about its actions. Online networking allows start-ups more chances to reach desired audiences. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities!


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