My Personal Ethics

I am proud to say that my mother raised me correctly. She instilled values and a strong ethical background that I carry with me still to this day. Though I have wandered off and explored less than glamorous aspects of life, I still have an ethical head on my shoulders. From my own personal experiences and my mothers teachings, I have compiled a guideline that I plan to follow throughout my professional career.

    1.Optimism— With a positive attitude, anything is possible.
    2.Be open minded— Approach each situation and person without judgement. Don’t be afraid to give anything or anyone a chance.
    3.Fidelity— Make promises and keep them. Establish trustworthy relationships and ensure its safety with others.
    4.Perseverance— Take chances, be brave, don’t be afraid to fail. Life is best experienced through trial and error. Through our mistakes we learn what is right.
    5.Individuality— Do not fold to normalcy. Always keep others guessing. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself.
    6.Empathy— Care for others in ways you wish to be cared for. Be understanding and put yourself in another’s shoes.
    7.Service— Give back to the community. Support those who have helped you along the way.
    8.Self-Improvement— We are not perfect, do not be afraid to change. Accept that we do make wrong choices, and learn from them.
    9.Curiosity— Explore, ask good questions, and learn from your surroundings. Do something that you’re afraid of, and grow from it.
    10.Justice— Do what is right regardless of position and power.
    11.Beneficence— Put others before yourself and do what is most beneficial for all. Through the wellbeing of others, success is guaranteed.
    12.Gratitude— Be thankful for everyday, every person and everything. We are only given the gift of life once, do not take it for granted.
    13.Realness— Stay true to yourself. Fake relationships and attitudes are transparent. Say and do what truly represents who you are.
    14.Pride— Do what you are not ashamed to admit to. Always ask yourself if others would approve and be proud of who you are.

The ranking of these do not serve in any particular order. Each is just as important as another to me. I believe these are highly important to follow, especially in a professional public relations career. Connections and relationships with others depend on these ethics. Others need to know that they can rely on you. Prove that you are worth others trust through good acts. It is important in public relations that we conduct our behavior in manners which do not trouble ourselves or others. Bottom line, I want to be able to go to sleep every night knowing that I am a good person. I never want to feel that guilt of causing harm to others for my own personal gain or benefit. I strongly believe that if I continue to practice my personal ethics, I will grow into a better person and live a truly fulfilling life.


2 responses

  1. Interesting list. Extensive list. I think I’ll do the same thing later today on my blog.

    In my experiences, having these ethics is so hard (because of social pressures) to uphold. Doing so defines a person and I know you do.


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