An Actual Conversation.

The following has been copied and pasted from Facebook. The names have been the only thing changed.

Amme: u eat too much !!! ha ha ha

Luke: U R TOO FAT !!!

Amme: ha ha i lost lot of weights now ha ha

Luke: really? how weight ?

Amme: well i m 66 kg now ha ha

Luke: okok…

Amme: hehe what about u ???

Luke: 56…

Amme: = = okay i shut up


Amme: but i m 180 ha ha ha

Luke: SO WHAT? u dont have abs.

Amme: what is abs ???

Luke: go google translate

Amme: i know u love muscle man ha !!!

Luke: u dont have?

Amme: well i m not your type ha

Luke: u dont have !!!

Amme: yeah so ?? = =” . . . . . .

Luke: waste money on gym !!!

Amme: i just do shaping ha ha . . . . . . well i want some muscle as well !!!

Luke: WHEN?

Amme: working on it now doing 2 hours now

Luke: but not working ~~~

Amme: well i need time , it is not one hour thing = =” !!!!!!

Luke: dont u workout since u high school?

Amme: what do mean working ? job or body ??

Luke: workout !!!!! not working!!!!!

Amme: well workout just for few month to have a better shape ha ha


Amme: yeah in sydney and hk ha ha but i well apply for a trainer = =”

Luke: trainer is so expensive

Amme: well i can afford it ha ha, i m a planer ha ha !!!

Luke: planer ?

Amme: yeah i hate thing base on no plan ha ha, i do things for reason ha

Luke: can u afford me?

Amme: well yeah , u wanna join a plan ha ha

Luke: YES 

Amme: ha ha ha i do it seriously

Luke: HOW

Amme: well u will know when u come ha

Luke: will u pick me up?

Amme: well just tell me when

Luke: tell u then?

Amme: well where u gonna live ???

Luke: park

Amme: = = well okay just workout where u gonna live first

Luke: PARK !!!

Amme: = = well okay i pick u up and send u there ha ha

Luke: U R BAD !!!

Amme ha ha u can stay in my place first and we go to idp


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