Want more leadership positions? Get involved with the ASUO!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are having a great term thus far. 2010 is here, and
we’re getting geared up for Student Government Elections. If you’ve always
wanted to get involved, meet people, and make a difference
on campus, the Associated Students of the University of Oregon is the place for you.

The University of Oregon is one of the few public colleges in the nation that allows the
student body government to allocate the funds needed by different student groups around campus. Being
involved with the ASUO is an opportunity not only to build your resume, but also to gain great work
experience. There are positions available which are applicable to different majors. Some allow you to focus on
different areas of campus as well. If this sounds appealing to any of you, I encourage you to come
to one of our two informational sessions later this month.

The first meeting will be Friday, February 12th from 12:30-2:30 pm in the
BEN LINDER room of the EMU. The second informational meeting will be held
on Monday, February 22nd from 6-8 PM in the BEN LINDER room.

The meetings will feature friendly Q & A between prospective candidates
and currently elected ASUO Executives, Senators, and Committee members.
Candidates will get a great chance to become acquainted with the Elections
process, and what to expect when running for Student Government.

Please spread the message and encourage your friends to get involved by
running for a seat on the ASUO. 2010 is going to be a great year for all of us!

I hope to see you all there!
Lauren Short
ASUO Elections Board Outreach Coordinator
(541) 513-2139


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