Glorifying Bad Examples

After a long morning of grouting the entire pool at the student recreation center, I decided it would be nice to unwind and watch a random video on Hulu. I went to the “popular episodes” tab to find entertainment. Instead I found something that enraged me so much, I had to watch it, or atleast part of it. “Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage”.

Is this really what our society has come down to? This digusting excuse of a mother now wants to further exploit her children so she can gain fame. The openning scene is her driving home being “followed” by the paparazzi. She show little concern for the fact that there are tons of flashing lights surrounding her the two newborns in the car around her. She claims it’s scary, insane, and wants the driver to be safe so that they do not crash. She does all of this while she applies makeup to her face…? Really?

She turns this potentially harmful situation into an all about her documentary. How disgusting.