What comes after 21?


Or atleast that is what everyone believes.

Our society is raised to look forward to the future. We sent benchmarks and checkpoints for nearly every aspect of our life. We use college as a motivating factor in high school. We look forward towards aging in order to reek the benefits of such an age. However, once we reach them one is left to ponder, what’s next?


Everything is waiting for you. So what that after you turn 21 you no longer have a birthday that allows you some new legal privileges. Who cares that after college there is a world of uncertainty waiting for you. Instead of giving up and doing nothing, DO EVERYTHING. You are given the gift of life everyday, use it and do not take it for granted.

This was a topic of conversation last night amongst my friends and I at 2 a.m. Everyone in my living room sat around and allowed the alcohol to bring their insecurities to surface. Though we were having a simple conversation, I could tell that everyone was screaming inside of their heads “WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? WHAT IS NEXT?” We all had just turned 21, or were nearly approaching. We are all almost in our last year at the university, hoping to graduate during a time where even our own country has no idea what its future holds. But in these types of situations, do not loose faith. Everything will work out in one aspect or another. Even if it takes a while, if you put in the hard work, you will get everything you have ever wanted. Just trust in yourself to provide this for your future.

It is too easy to doubt oneself. All around us is nothing but criticism and jealousy. Let’s be frank, everyone is jealous of everybody else. Instead of trying to bring someone down who has something you don’t, work towards being like them.

So what comes after 21? A life of opportunity, excitement and, yes of course, uncertainity. As cliche as it is to say, we are the controllers of our own destiny. If you want success, you will have it. If you want failure, by all means it will find you. We are the face of a revoluntion. We are a group of educated individuals who are all in school for one purpose; to make a better life for ourselves.

Don’t give up on yourself. Give yourself what you have always wanted: A FUTURE.