(FAUX NEWS STORY #2) Suspected arson kills 10 people

At least 10 people, including four children, are dead after a suspected arson destroyed a four-story apartment near Streater College last night.

The building, located at 1600 Kearney St. in east Smallville, housed 75 people before two gasoline-soaked mattresses were set ablaze on the second floor around 10 p.m.

Fire Marshal Harold Smythe said that with the destruction of the building it is “highly likely” more dead will be found.

Terry Andersen, 34, was found dead in his third-floor apartment minutes after firefighters arrived on the scene. The cause of his death is unknown at this time; however, according to Olson County Medical Examiner Dr. Helen Trent, most fatalities were due to smoke inhalation.

Andersen was the assistant city manager for the past three years.

According to police officials, he has no known next of kin. Names of the other deceased have yet to be released.

Fire officials also reported that apartments in the vicinity of Kearney Street. and Birch Lane have had four arsons in the past four years, claiming the lives of five Streater College students. None of these reported cases has been solved.

The Olson County Red Cross will provide some emergency shelter for those left homeless.


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