A Last Lecture–A Lasting Impression

I just finished watching Dr. Randy Pausch’s YouTube broadcast of his last lecture taught at Carnegie Mellon. Dr.Pausch is by far one of the greatest people to have ever lived. He was a beautiful person in every aspect. I found myself in tears near the end of his lecture. To know that such a remarkable person, who was in his condition, could have such a positive outlook on everything gives hope for humanity. This video is long, but I hope that all of you can find the time to watch this. It is life changing and all of us have something to learn from him.

Rest in Peace Dr. Randy Pausch.


2 responses

  1. Lauren, thank you for posting this-I watched it all!

    I wonder how a person (read: I) can live that kind of life, filled with joy, filled with fun. There are so many things that aren’t conducive to fun at this point in our lives.

    I really appreciate this video for two reasons:
    1. next week my dad and I are going to start Toastmasters, and it’s a great example of presentation at it’s most powerful.

    2. It’s so easy to forget what it’s all about-What Dr. Randy seems to be saying is that it’s not necessarily about the path a person takes, but what they do, how they act while on that path.

    hope you’re well-I’m in eugene these days, so I’m sure I’ll see you around campus sometime.

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